Game Update [Ver 1.1.1] 2/19/2020

1 year ago

1 year ago

Greetings Commander!

Here's the summary of the game updates for this week! [Ver.1.1.1]

✰ Arena

 For more info on the Arena, click here 

  • A new Game Mode that will challenge your team against other player’s Angels!
  • Battle other player's team and climb the top of the Rankings!

✰ MMR Tier

  • Each Tier will be determined by your MMR at the end of the Season.
  • Each Arena Season will last for 1 week.
  • The player’s with the highest MMR in their Tier will win the Ranking Rewards.
  • At the end of the Season (1 week), all players will go down 1 Tier from their current Tier to make sure that all players are given a chance to exceed and players who do not play anymore are removed from the Rankings.

Board Status Effect Skills

  • Added Board Status Effect Skills to enemies on the following game modes: Blitz Raid, Story Mode, Daily Mission, Friendship Quest
  • Enemies can now use skills that will affect how the player interacts with the board.  For the list of skills, click here

✰ Comics

  • Included Comics for Prologue to Chapter 1 

✰ Codex

  • You can now view all the Angels in the game under the Team Management screen.
  • Earn Gems by adding Angels to the Codex. 

*Note: Angels obtained before the update is counted towards the Codex and is still eligible to receive Gem rewards.

For more details on the events, click here

✰ Welcome to Gaia Gift Pack

✰ 7(Days Login) 

✰ 28(Days Login) 

✰ On-Time Rewards

✰ All the Gems of the players in v1.0.2 will be multiplied by 4 in v1.1.1
✰ Adjustments on Story Mode

  • Additional Gem Rewards for upon first time clear of a Story Mode Level.
  • Replay your previously finished Story mode levels to get your Gem Rewards!
  • Adjusted the Chapter Clear Rewards (Reward for 3-Star all levels in a chapter.)
  • Adjusted HP of bosses in Chapter 1, 2, 3 and 4.

✰ Adjustments on Blitz Raid

  • Decreased Blitz Raid Boss Damage
  • Changed Monthly Rankings to Weekly Rankings
  • Changed reset time to 12:00 AM(UTC+0) for Daily and Monday 12:00 AM(UTC+0) on Weekly.

✰ Adjustments to Friendship Quests

  • Adjusted enemy count in Friendship Quests.
  • Adjusted enemy turn counters in Friendship Quests.
  • Changed entry cost to Friendship Quest from Energy to 10 Tickets daily.
  • Changed Weapon Enhancement Quest to Gaianite Rush Quest.

✰  Additional Angel Power-Up Achievements

  • Reach Rank 1 Level 10 on any Angel = Get 40 Gems
  • Reach Rank 2 Level 20 on any Angel = Get 80 Gems
  • Reach Rank 3 Level 30 on any Angel = Get 120 Gems
  • Reach Rank 4 Level 40 on any Angel = Get 160 Gems
  • Reach Rank 5 Level 50 on any Angel = Get 400 Gems
  • Reach Rank 6 Level 60 on any Angel = Get 1000 Gems

✰ Increased Mana Cost of Shining Star Lily's Skill Omni Barrier from 5 to 7.

✰ Removed Achievements on Normal Accessory Gacha and Normal Weapon Gacha.

✰ Adjustments on Daily Mission

  • Adjusted Daily limit of entries to 2.

✰ Adjustment to Daily Mission Drops

  • Adjusted Rank-Up Chip obtained from Affinity Daily Missions

✰ Adjusted EXP given by Power-Up Chips

  • Increase EXP obtained from Power-Up Chips (Each level needs 100 EXP to level-up)

✰ Shop - Price Adjustment and Discounts/Bonuses on the following items:

✰ Recruit/Draw

  • Combined Normal and Premium Accessory Draw.
  • Combined Normal and Premium Weapon Draw.


  • Updated contents of Naomi's Welcome Gift Pack according to the changes in Gem value.
  • Added Basic Angel Pack, Advanced Angel Pack and Ultimate Angel Pack.
  • Added Basic Progression Pack, Advanced Progression Pack and Ultimate Progression Pack.
  • Removed Weekly Featured Pack
  • Removed Monthly Featured Pack
  • Removed Angel Package 1, 2 and 3
  • Removed Special Angel Support Pack 1, 2 and 3
  • Removed Special Gear Support Pack 1, 2 and 3
  • Changed the contents of Beginner's Pack


        > Beginner's Pack 1 - x1 4 - 6 Star Hero Ticket
        > Beginner's Pack 3 - x1 5 - 6 Star Hero Ticket, x1,200 Gems 


        > Beginner's Pack 1 - x10 Angel Recruit Ticket
        > Beginner's Pack 2 - x10 Angel Recruit Ticket, x800 Gems 
        > Beginner's Pack 3 - x10 Premium Angel Recruit Ticket, x1,200 Gems

✰ Currency

  • Removed the following Gem Bundles:

            >> 550 Gem Bundle
            >> 900 Gem Bundle
            >> 1,250 Gem Bundle 

  • Combined Gems and Gem Bundles.
  • Changed icon of the Gaianite packages in the shop. 
  • Changed icon of the Gaianite packages in the shop. 
  • Repriced and re-organized Gaianite packages in the shop.
  • Gems for sale in the shop has been repriced and adjusted according to the Gem value change.

✰ Updated prices of Silver and Gold Power-Up Chips in the Shop
            >> Silver Power-Up Chips = 1,250 Gaianite
            >> Gold Power-Up Chips = 2,500 Gaianite

            >> Silver Power-Up Chips = 1,500 Gaianite
            >> Gold Power-Up Chips = 3,000 Gaianite

✰ Added Awakening Module in Shop > Materials
  •  X1 Awakening Module = 600 Gems
  •  X3 Awakening Module = 1,600 Gems
    •  X6 Awakening Module = 3,200 Gems

    ✰ Player Level-Up Package

    • Added Level-Up rewards for Player Level 20, 35 and 50.
    •  Repriced and updated the contents of the Free and Premium Player Level-Up Package.

    Daily Gems (Formerly Lily’s Blessing)

    • Changed name to Daily Gems.
    • Changed icon in the lobby to fit Daily Gems name
    • Changed Lily's Blessing package 1, 2 and 3 to 7-day Daily Gems and 14-Day Daily Gems.
      • Changed contents and price of both packages.

      • Game Optimization & Bug Fixing
      • Added VFX to mobs
      • Improved Attack animation of mobs
      • Improved VFX of Angel’s Active Skill
      • Improved ManaCore visual design
      • UI and UX Improvements