Murasaki7 Angels: A Closer Look

2 years ago

2 years ago

Cosplay Mania 2019 is just one day away and we know that you guys are excited as we are! 

We’ve got tons of activities for you to enjoy and we’re really proud to present to you our cosplayers for Murasaki7.


Before the meet and greet happening this Cosplay Mania 2019, get to know more about these IRL cute anime girls! 

Leny Ming


If you are active in the cosplay community, you’ve probably heard of the name Leny Ming. A real-life loli, Leny has been with the industry for 11 years and she’s one of the pioneers of the Ozine Maid Cafe, serving otakus with a sweet smile. Leny loves Harry Potter, coffee, anime, and hamsters.

Like Naomi, Leny is known as a cheerful and jolly person! 

Follow her social media channels:

Instagram: @lenyming

Anjelica Vanessa “Nechi” Fausto


Nechi is also one of the pioneers of the Ozine Maid Cafe since 2009, she loves traveling, visiting other places and experiencing different cultures. When you meet her, you can easily feel that Nechi was raised to be a strong and independent woman, just like Captain Ellie Reigns. Nechi also enjoys Jrock and Kpop, with BTS at the top of her list. 

Follow her social media channels:

Instagram: @konnechiwa


Erika “Akire” Violan


Also known as an Ozine Cafe meido, Akire effortlessly gives off that shy, timid aura of Lily as she sometimes claim to be a Yandere. The anime One Piece is her favorite and she finds fantasy and historical themed manga interesting. Akire loves 3Cs which stands for cats, cakes, and chocolates. 

Follow her social media channels:

Instagram: @akireakiire


Meg “Shin Meggumi” Perez


Shin may be the newest in the cosplay community but nonetheless the most talented from the team. Name it, she can do it, from playing the guitar, drawing, singing, and even dancing. Shin also has the most contagious and sweetest smile like Lexy, cheering up people around her.  

Follow her social media channels:

Instagram: @ShinMeggumi


Jane “ImoutoSakura” Rabena


Jane started cosplaying when she was only 12 years old and has since been active not only in the anime and cosplay community but also to the gaming community. At only 19, Jane like Hale, has accomplished so much as she is one of Facebook’s official streamers playing multiplayer online battle arena games as well as battle royale games.

Instagram: @ImoutoSakura

Facebook page:

YouTube Channel: