Murasaki7: Cities

1 year ago

1 year ago

Did you know that the Murasaki7 Angels came from different cities? Check out which cities are they from. 

Ellie Reigns - Xentrix Alpha - Xentrix Alpha is the business and technological center of Gaia XV. It’s a high-end bustling city that never sleeps.

Naomi - Desert Prime - Unlike the other cities, Desert Prime is a gritty merchant’s paradise. With less resources, the city is less polished and life here is tougher. In the central marketplace, the weak is prayed upon by sly opportunistic individuals, thus it is best to remain vigilant. Scavengers would arrive at various pawnshops to sell whatever they find on the desert plains outside the city in exchange for food and water. However, the city is not without its charm: cost of material to make various gadgets are here cheap, they have some of the best mechanics, and there are wonders to be found if you dig deep enough into the heart of this sandy expanse.

Hale - Frost Eden - The cold, unrelenting snow is no match for the curiosity and perseverance of the researchers and scientists that live here. Using both Gaianite and Thermal technology to remain comfortable against the biting cold, Frost Eden is home to scholars who prefer a bit more solitude as they continue their pursuit of knowledge.

Lily - Neo Atlantis - A treasure hidden deep within the sea, Neo Atlantis is a city of glass strengthened to the point of indestructibility by Gaianite. The aquatic wildlife is a sight to behold as you walk around the vast expanse of this underwater wonderland. It is home to some of the most powerful Magitechs on the planet.

Lexy - Nova Green - Nova Green is an eco-friendly haven that has the advancements of Xentrix Alpha but taken at a more relaxed pace. Instead of cutting through the woodland, its architects aimed to preserve as much of the lush vegetation as possible by designing the city around it. Many botanists and biologists’ happily live here.

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