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  • The Arena is a new PvP Game Mode where you battle another player’s team to increase your MMR and climb the Rankings to earn valuable rewards!
  • Enemies in the Arena are A.I. controlled.
  • MMR or Matchmaking Rating is increased upon winning battles.

MMR (Matchmaking Rating)

  • MMR is determined for every player’s win or lose.
  • At the start of the game, the player will have an MMR of 0.
  • For every win against enemies with the same tier or lower, the player will receive +15 MMR
  • For every win against enemies with 1 or more higher tiers, the player will receive +30 MMR
  • For every loss against enemies with the same tier, the player will be deducted -10 MMR
  • For every loss against enemies with 1 or more lower tier, the player will be deducted -20 MMR  

Note: The player CANNOT go below 0 MMR.

MMR Tier

  • Each Tier will be determined by your MMR at the end of the Season.
  • Each Arena Season will last for 1 week.
  • The player’s with the highest MMR in their Tier will win the Ranking Rewards.

Arena Entry

  • Access to the Arena is available once Player Level reaches level 5.
  • Entry to the battle costs 1x Arena Token. Arena Tokens are a special currency that is used only for entering the Arena. When used, Arena Tokens replenish at a rate of 1 for every hour. At a time, the player can only have a maximum of 5 Arena Tokens.
  • Once all Arena Tokens are used, the player can use Gems to play more Arena matches while waiting for the Arena Token to replenish.

 Arena Entry Token

Enemy Re-Rolling

  • Matchmaking in the Arena is done by finding a player that is close to your current MMR.
  • The player can re-roll to find a different opponent by using Gaianite.
  • Each re-roll will increase the price by 50 Gaianite. The first re-roll is free but every succeeding roll will cost 50 + 50 * (number of times reroll was done)

Arena Mechanics

  • Timer - Each player will have 120 seconds to battle. 
  • First Turn  - The first player to attack is determined by which player’s team has the lower Maximum HP. 
  • Arena Combat  - Matching the same sphere as your Angels will make them attack. Enemy Targeting and Skill usage are done the same as regular battles. 
  • Winning - A winner in the Arena is determined by which of the player teams have the higher % of HP remaining after the battle. Winning will increase your MMR by 15 Points. 
  • Losing - A loser in the Arena is determined by which of the player teams have the lower % of HP remaining after the battle. Losing will decrease your MMR by 10 Points. 

Arena Rewards

  • Each player in the top of the Arena Rankings by the end of the Season will be rewarded according to their Tier.
  • At the end of the Season (1 week) all players will go down 1 Tier from their current Tier to make sure that all players are given a chance to exceed and players who do not play anymore are removed from the Rankings.

Players fond of battling to be the best are perfect for the Arena game mode. In Murasaki7’s PVP puzzle game mode, players are matched with other players with the same caliber, or in technical terms, players with the same MMR (Matchmaking Rating).

Arena players are free to arrange their team depending on which they think would be the best combination of Angels that will defeat the others. Players may build teams with Fighters as the core for maximum damage to Science but what if their opponent focused on a team with pure Rangers? The uncertainty of who you will be matched with is what makes the Arena exciting to play.

There will also be a PVP ladder where you can check your standings and if you’re one of the players on top, you will receive seasonal rewards. Of course, the higher your MMR Tier, the more Gems will be awarded to you, proving your strength over others.

With the limited time given for each match in the battle arena, do you think you can become victorious? Unlock the Arena game mode at level 5 and find out.


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