Murasaki7 Game Mode: Blitz Raid

2 months ago

2 months ago


Possibly the most exciting game mode for Murasaki7, the Blitz Raid. With limited resources like the 60-second time limit and only three attempts to deal tons of damage to the enemy boss, Blitz Raid challenges the players to make as many match-3 puzzle combinations as possible.

Unlike other raid boss challenges where you team up with other players and form a party before taking on the boss, Blitz Raid focuses on the ability of the individual to quickly make combinations in a limited time. Playing this game mode may actually help players increase their concentration power as well as their eye-hand coordination.

A new boss, possibly one with a different affinity appears every day and this encourages the players to mix and match their team lineup accordingly. In addition, the damage dealt is converted to points which are used in the rankings of the Blitz Raid for PVE leaderboards. The same thing with the Arena game mode, those who dealt the most damage to the raid boss will be rewarded greatly with awesome in-game items for daily and monthly top players.


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