Murasaki7 Game Mode: Daily Missions

1 year ago

1 year ago


A game wouldn’t be complete without a game mode specifically for farming items and EXP. Murasaki7’s Daily Missions allow players to access side quests and receive rare rewards after each mission. There are three featured missions with 2 passes each given to the players daily. Missions are available on Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme difficulty mode.

Affinity Mission

In the Affinity Mission, players can obtain rewards corresponding to the affinity assigned for the day. For example, the available mission is Science-focused, the player must defeat Science mobs to get Science fragments to aid players in upgrading their anime characters.  

Affinity Mission Schedule

SundayMixed (All Types)
SaturdayMixed (All Types)

Gaianite Rush Mission

As the name suggests, Gaianite Rush Mission is for players looking to gather large quantities of Gaianite. Gaianite is one of the currencies in Murasaki7 used mainly for upgrading your Angels and Weapons, making it vital for players.

Power-Up Mission

For players who want to increase their character’s level, the daily EXP Missions would be of great help. Players are rewarded with Power-Up Chips with quality and quantities depending on the level of difficulty.

All in all, our tip for you is to always complete your dailies, it’s free!