Murasaki7 Game Mode: Friendship Quest

2 months ago

2 months ago


Murasaki7’s Friendship Quest is a one of a kind party quest where users can actually be the ones to create specific missions for them to accomplish. In order to unlock this game mode, players are required to have at least one other player added on his/her friends’ list.

Creating a Quest

Players can create three kinds of quests and select from three levels of difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard). Quests will run for 3 hours so players are encouraged to invite their friends to help them accomplish the missions in time.

Hero Fragment Quest - Get Hero Fragments as a reward with the quantity of the item depending on the difficulty of the quest that you created and finished.

DifficultyFragment Quantity

Hero Power-Up Quest - Earn Power-Up Chips with your friends when you complete these kinds of missions.

DifficultyType of Power-Up Chip
EasyBronze Power-Up Chip
NormalSilver Power-Up Chip
HardGold Power-Up Chip

Weapon Enhancement Quest - Earn Weapon Enhancement Kits depending on the level of difficulty of the quests.

DifficultyWeapon Enhancement Kit
EasyBronze Weapon Enhancement Kit
NormalSilver Weapon Enhancement Kit
HardGold Weapon Enhancement Kit