Murasaki7 Game Mode: Story

1 year ago

1 year ago


Gaia XV is a lush utopia once ruled peacefully by the A.I. Robot Genesis. Genesis was programmed to learn, adapt and serve humanity but one day, a twisted idea turned everything around. Commanding 8 femme fatales called the Digital Devils’ Disciples and legions of robots, Genesis seeks to take control and obtain the 6 Legendary Weapons hidden across the major cities.

It’s up to you and your team, the Murasaki Angels, to obtain these weapons before the Devils’ get their hands on them. Answer the call to arms and save Gaia XV from the tyranny of Genesis!

Although different from your typical roleplaying game, Murasaki7’s Story Mode allows players to get to know the Murasaki7 Angels deeper by revealing their past and associating the character’s personalities with themselves. This anime RPG’s story mode may look easy to play but trust us, it is challenging enough with 10 chapters and over 100 levels. In order to complete certain levels with a 3-star rating, players must carefully plan which anime characters to send to battle to maximize damage dealt to enemies. Get to earn Gems, Gaianite, Angel Fragments, and Power Chips when you play the story games in Murasaki7.


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