Murasaki7 Types of Affinity

2 years ago

2 years ago

There are six known affinities across Gaia XV. These affinities cover the basic properties of each character including its weapon types and mana core contribution.


Don’t let the name fool you! Magitech produces incredible, unbelievable feats that it may seem like magic, but it’s all grounded in science. Gaianite is such a powerful element that it can manipulate particles, energies, and even awaken innate dormant abilities of its wielders. Magitech explores the possibilities contained within the Gaianite with no restriction, giving practitioners of this field enigmatic and mysterious powers.

Weapon Types: Exos-Staff (Amatheia, Eclipse)

Mana Core Contribution: Three (3) mana cores


A technologically-advanced world would not survive without its makers and fixers! Mechanics may not be the fastest or strongest defenders, but they are incredibly resilient and can tinker with any machinery to keep them up and running!

Weapon Types: Big Sword (Big Bertha, Berserker, Heavy Metal, Nobunaga)

Mana Core Contribution: One (1) mana core


Every world need its defenders. Fighters are trained in various forms of combat to be able to defend Gaia XV should trouble arise. Each attack they deal is delivered with tactical precision and strength. Don’t mess with them if you want to live!

Weapon Types: Gun Lance (Memento Steel, Poisoned Bullet, Flash Blind, Naginata)

Mana Core Contribution: Two (2) mana cores

While Magitech focuses on idealistic possibilities, Science deals more with the practical, general applications of the Gaianite’s energy. This branch discovered how to use Gaianite for electricity, clothing, weaponry, defence and medicine.

Weapon Types: Marionette (Rikku)

Mana Core Contribution: Two (2) mana cores


Rangers are usually lone creatures that are tasked with exploring the vast expanse outside of the major cities. They roam the perimeter to ensure that the city, its people, and friendly travellers are safe from bandits and rogues.

Weapon Types: Rifle (Ballistic, Sweet Silence, Meet Your Maker, Kaminoikari)

Mana Core Contribution: Two (2) mana cores


The Omni is the most powerful and mysterious affinity of all. A rare specimen that is hard to control, the Omni culminates the strengths of all affinities and has no weakness. People who are able to master this affinity are both admired and feared, seen as gods that descended from heaven.

Weapon Types: N/A

Mana Core Contribution: N/A

Each affinity has its strengths and weaknesses. To help you plan your attack and deal the most damage to enemies, check out the chart below.


Both your character and your enemy have affinities. This corresponds to their strength and weaknesses.

Omni has no weakness and strength against other affinities.

Magitech is strong against Mech and weak against Magitech type.

Mech is strong against Magitech and weak against Mech type.

Fighter is strong against Science and weak against Ranger type.

Science is strong against Ranger and weak against Fighter type.

Ranger is strong against Fighter and weak against Science type.