Strengthening Angels 101

2 years ago

2 years ago

Angels refer to the characters in Murasaki7. Players can mix and match their Angels regardless of rank, affinity type, and theme, among others. Read on to know how to get better, stronger Angels.

Where to get Angels?

At the start of the game, players are given two (2) default Angels namely Naomi and Ellie. Other ways on how to get Angels can be done through the following methods:

1. Creating Angels from Angel Fragments - To create a new Angel, players need 10 Angel Fragments of the same type which can be obtained by purchasing gacha, doing fragment missions, event missions, story adventures, among others. A newly created Angel will always be Rank 1 and Level 1.


2. Recruiting Angels using Gacha - In exchange for some Gems, players can get new Angels through the Shop by purchasing Gacha packs where they can obtain a mix of Angel Fragments and Angels. Angels from Gacha may vary in terms of Rank, Level, and Theme.


How to Power-Up Angels


Power-Up increases the EXP and helps Angels level up to gain additional attack power and health points. Power-Up Chips are divided into three, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Power-Up Chips which gives different EXP points.

How to Rank-Up Angels


Ranking-up increases the Rank of the Angel (Example: Rank1 to Rank2), base stats, and the level capacity. To Rank-Up, players are required to spend appropriate Angel Fragments, Rank-Up Chips, and Gaianite. After a successful Rank-Up, the Angel resets back to Level 1 but with higher stats.

How to Awaken Angels


Awaken unleashes the full potential and unlocks the Hidden Skills of Angels but can only be done once an Angel has reached their maximum level and rank. Awakening Modules, appropriate Angel Fragments, and Gainite are required.

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