The Making of Murasaki7: Art Conceptualization

2 years ago

2 years ago


The production of the Angels in Murasaki7 is quite an adventure in itself. To kick things off, our journey stemmed from the ever exciting team-based worlds of first-person shooter games - a lot set in an advanced civilization with rising heroes and villains. The production team was enraptured by the diverse, space-age heroes and their cutting edge weaponry, that we wanted to bring about our own story of sci-fi characters. In creating our mobile game characters, the paramount of playful vibes and palette was greatly inspired by currently trending multiplayer games. It was crucial to be able to have this striking personality transform into notable characters and, through our exploration, not only did design come to play in this, but the color choices as well. After a while of stirring the boiling pot, we started to look beyond our own cookbook as we felt like there was something more we can capture in our story beyond heroes of a futuristic age.

Midway through our production was when we spiced things up. As we took a step back, we found new muses- though without forgetting our original ones. This was the time our story was solidifying, our characters taking so much more shape into the narrative and into our game. Our vision expanded to the worlds of the ever-evolving, RPG mobile games which gave way to a wider range of designs and diversity for our team. The gallant, quirky fashion of these mobile RPGs brought about a new wave of energy and vision for our team to push past our initial designs. And with our story finalized, we had a clarion vision of our angels.

Murasaki7 is a fresh take on magical girls saving the world, the characters we've introduced- and are yet to be introduced- are new but familiar in several ways. Beyond the cited inspirations, our team welcomed individuality: our intriguing concoction of interests, worldliness, and passion that was imbued in our work gave our Angels familiar tropes yet peerless designs. And as the origin story of our Angels centered on a power bestowed on women, our objective was clear.

To us, designing these angels was now beyond the ultramodern style and technology; it was celebrating the beauty, ingenuity, and power of femininity. We were able to revel in designing our angels in different settings, while maintaining various levels of attention to detail and artistry. In this freedom, diversity, and journey, we hoped to have exemplified the dynamism of our Murasaki7 Angels.

Written By:

Maeves “Mae” Domingo and Alexie Laggui

2D Artists

Here are some of the early concepts for Murasaki7, visit our Gallery to view more.