The Making of Murasaki7: Villains

1 year ago

1 year ago


The world of Gaia XV has a lot of issues and problems that surfaced when Genesis took over. At this time, it was more than just an AI take-over. It had a ripple effect, discord stirred at a scale larger than the Murasaki7 Angels were made aware. Betrayal, loss, anger, jealousy – these are a few of the many hardships several villains in the world of Gaia XV had to face following Genesis’ take-over, and coming up with designs that reflected and properly did justice to their character writing was a challenge the art team had to face.

There were several angles the concept artists started with. The stories of the characters were written out and all that was left was to visualize them and make them come to life. Where did they come from? What kind of environment did they grow up in? Would a person who endured this sort of life look like this? How do we make them stand out from the Murasaki7 Angels? These were a few of the many questions we had to ask to make the villains unique and interesting while making sure they’re as believable and fit to their environment as possible – of course, while keeping in mind anyone’s goal when designing a villain: How do I make this look COOL.

A lot of exploration was made building even a single character. For example, in the creation of Riot, simply the name ‘riot’ meant that the sight of the character would be exactly as the name suggests: loud, abrasive, destructive. Riot’s palette is a wild splash of contradicting tones that match her unpredictable personality, in the same way that Nubia’s palette had to reflect her nature of zealotry and cultural conservatism.

In each step of the way, we had to make sure that every aspect of the character was as consistent and appropriate to their writing- from just the cut of their hair, to their fashion, all the way down to the stance and basic expressions they make. While they aren’t the main heroines of the game, they each have their own stories that are just as important to share, and design is a good storyteller.

Written by:

Alexie Laggui

2D Artist


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