Game Specifications

Android Devices

Minimum Specs for Device

OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Memory: 3GB

Recommended Specs for Device

OS: Android 9.0 Pie
Memory: 4GB

iOS Devices

Iphone 6s+ and later


Where can I view and access Daily Missions?

- View and access the Daily Missions in the Battle menu.


How do I increase the Angels’ stats?

- Increase your Angels’ stats by using the Power-Up, Rank-Up and Awaken function in the Character Profile screen.

What does Rank-up do to my Angels?

- Ranking-up increases the Star Ranking of your Angels.

- Collect Rank-up Chips to increase your Angels’ rank!

What does Power-up do to my Angels?

- Increase your Angels ATK and HP by Powering-Up.

- You can use Power-Up Chips to strengthen your Angel.

What is Awakening?

- Awakening Angels unlocks and upgrades their Hidden Skill.

- Collect Awakening Modules to increase your Angels’ Awakening level.

What are Hidden Skills?

- Hidden Skills are passive battle effects that are only activated when an Angel is set as a leader.

- Hidden Skills can be improved further by increasing your Angel’s awakening level.

- Some Hidden Skills are already maxed out at first awakening and cannot be improved further.

What are active skills?

- Active skills require a certain amount of Mana Cores to be used during battle.

Main Lobby

How do I add friends?

- Add new friends by checking the “Friends” icon located in the lobby.

How and where can I see gifts and rewards?

- You can see your notifications, gifts, and rewards in the Inbox.


How can I get three battle stars?

- Earn more Battle Stars by finishing a battle in less turns.

What is Mana Core?

- Mana Core is used to activate the Angels' skills. Earn Mana Core by achieving Combos.

How do I get Mana Core?

- Magitech Angels give three mana cores, Ranger, Fighter and Science Angels give two mana cores and Mechanic Angels give one mana core.

How do I efficiently damage enemies?

- Increase your damage by making more matches.

- You can continue to match spheres as long as the combo timer has not run out.

- Counter your enemies by setting a team that is against their Affinity.

Where can I see the Affinity Chart?

- You can check the Affinity chart on the top left corner to see each affinity’s weakness.

Why can't I rank up my Angels?

- Angels need to reach a certain level before they can be ranked up.

Where can I get Support Angels?

- You can use Support Angels from your friends, your alliance, or a random player before a battle.

How can I continue if I lose in battle?

- Don’t worry, when you lose in battle, you have a chance to revive your team by watching an ad or using gems.

How can I get bonus experience?

- You can get bonus exp during power-up by watching an ad or by using gems.


How and where can I recruit new Angels?

- View and purchase the latest Angels in the Shop.

- Collect fragments from different chapter story.

- Log-in every day to collect Exclusive fragments via the Calendar event.

Where can I check and purchase boosts, currency, and other miscellaneous items?

- Purchase boosts, currency and other miscellaneous items in the Shop.


What does Gear do?

- Collect and equip Gear to increase your Angels’ stats.


How do I keep and secure the progress of my account?

- Link your game data to your accounts to keep your progress and purchases secured. You can also use this when transferring to a new device.


What do I get from PvP?

- Battle other players and earn Gems in the PvP.

How do I climb the Ranking in PVP?

- Increase your MMR by defeating other players in PVP.